About Us

Gaiora’s unique name came from the translated word in the Arabic language for  “Jealous” describes the natural jealousy of fashionable “passionate about fashion” women.
Has always been at the forefront of fashion since it was founded in 1997 and is acclaimed as one of Europe’s leading fashion houses for Cocktail Evening and Special  Occasion wear. It proudly celebrates over 22 years of continuous trading, always offering exclusive, original, and feminine styles for the fashion-conscious woman of today.
With Gaiora’s Stunning Handmade & imported from Italy and Spain  Exclusive Products, We’re proud to  introduce our brand and our creative  passionate
team: Professionalism: We are looking to complete any work assignment with the highest effectiveness and strict quality control. Every single item is designed by our Design team and produced in our Head Office.
Fair trade: Gaiora is always looking to improve the environment from which it has blossomed, providing fair trade working opportunities for locals. On a micro-level. We also look at the whole picture by only coordinating with suppliers who strongly abide by fair-trade standards and sustainable development.